Blame it on the rain

I may be the only one, but I have enjoyed the days upon days of rain. Nothing makes you feel worthless like being a blob and looking outside and it is a gorgeous day. I haven’t felt like doing anything. I am constantly tired, my back hurts basically 24/7, this little fetus is practicing her dance moves on my ribs. Yeah, I’m complaining, so what. Rolo has been extra sweet today making me want to curl up in my bed and snuggle with him all the more appealing. Wilson decided to pee on my rug yesterday.

This is Wilson in trouble. So stinkin cute.


I made brownies last night. Sometimes brownies are really delicious.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am looking forward to wearing jeans (comfortably), tshirt, blazer, and boots. Every year fall creeps its way to the top of my favorite season list. Sorry summer. Ha. I’m also looking forward to champagne.

I need some good freezer meals…go.

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