33 weeks

33 weeks? For serious? It blows my mind how fast this 40 weeks is going. It’s been a while since I did one of these “bumpdates” so here goes.

Total weight gain: 22 lbs!! I’m gaining about a pound a week right now. Yikes.

Sleep: That pregnancy insomnia I’ve read about has finally reared its ugly head. Still getting up to pee at least once a night.

Best moment this week: Definitely my baby shower!! I was seriously emotionally moved by how much thought my bffs put into it. It was amazing and perfect. Yes, I am wearing the blue dress again. It will probably be its last appearance as it is not maternity and not stretchy. IMG_0198

Worst moment of the week: Sciatic nerve pain. It is awful.

Miss Anything? Just being comfortable doing..anything. I can only imagine how lovely the next 6+ weeks are going to be.

Food cravings: BREAD. Like biscuits and rolls. And I’ve been eating a ton of cereal.

Food aversions: Not really.

Symptoms: Back pain and congestion. I’ve also started swelling as of this past weekend. Mostly my fingers…my rings are definitely tight. My ankles/feet swell some by the end of the day.

Workouts: Yoga and walking. I had started riding my bike but it made me have to pee really bad, oh and then it got stolen.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly pretty happy. Sometimes I let myself get freaked completely out if I read too much on the internet about labor and the first couple months of baby life.

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery put together. We have most of our furniture out of the box, but nothing is actually assembled. My glider should arrive by Friday. I need to order my fabric for the cornices and decide on a rug.


I am also looking forward to getting my hair done today. And making biscuits.

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