#omgshoes | Navy

It’s no secret that I really love shoes, and I really love navy. A beautiful marriage.

navy shoes1 | Alexander McQueen

2 | Calvin Klein

3 | Salvatore Ferragamo

4 | LK Bennett

5 | Zara

6 | Chinese Laundry

Those McQueen booties are just incredible, and the cutout CK peep toe booties are a great shoe for summer to fall. A classic navy Ferragamo flat? I think yes. LK Bennett has some serious navy pumps to choose from. Nothing like a pointed pump. And a more economical version of the Jenni Kayne d’orsay flat.

Are you in the navy or no? Do tell.

Weekend Shopping

ZARA is currently having their seasonal sale, and this always lights my fire. I love Zara. Sometimes I have amazing luck with fit, sometimes things fit like they were made for all the Rachel Bilsons of the world aka tiny as hell. That is just a gamble I am willing to take, and luckily things like free returns exist.  Unfortunately for my closet, I was in one of those super weird moods where I wanted to only dress like Mary Kate Olsen/Hobo chic extraordinaire. I widdled my cart down to these items which will be making their way to eastern NC very soon.

Zara saleI really have no idea what possessed me to think I needed a long printed caftan sack kind of a dress. But it is amazing and even if I only wear it around the house, it will make me happy. Fingers crossed it fits across my caboose.

Pineapples are suddenly everywhere. I am always ahead of the game. Le duh.

If I actually ask myself, ‘Summer, what do you really need?’ My answer would be tank tops, shorts, and that’s pretty much it. So I got myself a tank top. I love a tank top. I was born to wear tank tops.

Bird shorts! These granny shorts are awesome and I’m praying they fit like I am thinking they should.

More Zara shoes. I have so many pairs as it is, but these black and white striped numbers have been in my dreams since I first saw them in New This Week. I love a pop of green and the medium heel has me hoping I will be able to wear these in a more casual setting.

Have you shopped the ZARA sale? You should. It looks like they’ve added new stuff even since Friday. I could totally buy TONS more, but I’m refraining. At least for today…

Shoes for summer

I’m not a big wearer of flip-flops unless it is around the house or to the beach. I am always looking for the perfect summer sandal that will be both flattering to my short legs and comfortable. If you have followed me long at all, you know my obsession with these Michael Kors wedges. I still stand behind them as being the best ever. I left them off this list because they were a given.

Summer SandalsThis is my collection of the more casual, everyday options out there at reasonable price points.

Flat Metallics | Forever 21 : Jack Rogers

Tribal | Zara : Blonde Ambition

Wedges | Zara : Seychelles

Ankle Straps | Schutz : Old Navy

Mid-Heel | Zara : J.Crew

**Don’t knock the Old Navy pair {J. Crew knockoffs?}…they come in a variety of colors, although not available online, check your local store! They are very comfortable and look better in person. I wish I had snagged the orange pair when I first saw them in the store.

What are your go-to summer sandals? Do tell.