I’ve wanted to blog many times over the past couple months, but felt no one was left to read it. But today I’m blogging anyway. Because I know like 6 of you will read it. To jump back into it, I’m copying Katie and answering 5 questions.

  1. At the top of your wishlist right now….The perfect swimsuit (does it exist?), all the skin care treatments available — facial, botox, fillers, peels. Skin care has become a recent obsession (post about my new routine forthcoming). article-thumb1
  2. Blog(s) you’re loving lately….My friends’ blogs The Perks and Winchester Wife. Jessica actually got me to watch The Bachelor because of her hilarious recap posts. I might be hooked which I never thought I’d ever say…ever. Other than those I literally only read a handful of others…i suwannee and despite her extreme perfection, I still love Liz of Sequins & Stripes. Pretty in Pink Megan and Cupcakes & Cashmere are long time favorites. Dog puppy with  cat in front of a laptop isolated on white background
  3. Favorite thing about spring….Longer days, getting some color on my ghostly gray skin, and flowers of course.tanning-mother-620x338
  4. The next trip you’re taking….Mike & I are attempting another vacation, hopefully this one without disaster (another post for another day), to the Florida Keys. We are staying in Islamorada but will rent a car and explore. I’m looking forward to it and hope it is nice and warm.600x600_1316019102458-beachocean
  5. TV show you can’t stop watching….Fresh Meat! On a recent girls weekend with Emily & Kelly Ann we decided to watch some Netflix. For some odd reason we chose to start this show and it is super hilarious.  I have also been watching The Family on ABC. It is a new show and it is fantastic.tv-fresh_meat-2011_-howard_maccallum-greg_mchugh-tshirts-s01e02-geologists_go_deeper_tshirt