An update.

Lots of things happening over here. The biggest is our house reno. What a TASK. The house is basically going to be new when we are done. New and fucking awesome I might add. The husband and I are mostly agreeing on most things, which is all that I can ask for. The bad part is the time and money. Time is ticking by at an alarming rate, and I don’t want to pay rent + a mortgage again. Which means we have 4 weeks. 4 weeks to get a new kitchen, bathroom, floors, electrical, plumbing, paint and trim. NBD. Since all I have right now are before pictures, I am just going to wait until we have afters to share anything on the blog. You can follow our progress on instagram (@summersantana).

With the crazy investment of renovating a house, that means no fall clothes for me. So boring. The only thing I have bought recently is this Ily Couture sweatshirt. I wore out the ‘Oh My Chic’ version from last year, so I knew this would be a necessity.

I’m getting my hair done today! Only two weeks overdue. Root city over here. Speaking of hair, I love this shampoo/conditioner and best of all, it is cheap. Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion

Our five year wedding anniversary is Friday. The husband will be at the DU Banquet to celebrate. So sweet.

I can’t remember all of the other things I was going to post about now that I finally sat down at the computer. What is going on with y’all?

H&M Online

First Zara and now H&M! Finally e-commerce has happened for us here in the USofA. I will say I was not overcome with online shopping euphoria when browsing the site. Hopefully there will be more selection in the future. Am I alone with this thought? Regardless, my add to cart looks like this…

HandMI definitely love the mixed media look we started seeing a lot last fall, and I want to pull the trigger this year. This shape is one of my favorites for coats.

The jumpsuit makes me think of Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, but I find it appealing nonetheless.

I love anything with a dog printed on it. Unless it is a pug. Sorry pug lovers.

Tortoise pointed pumps, yes please.

Followed by some classic, comfy pieces in my favorite daring colors…white & gray.

Sidenote: I finished up Orange is the New Black today. Who else is watching? What say you?


Weekend Shopping

ZARA is currently having their seasonal sale, and this always lights my fire. I love Zara. Sometimes I have amazing luck with fit, sometimes things fit like they were made for all the Rachel Bilsons of the world aka tiny as hell. That is just a gamble I am willing to take, and luckily things like free returns exist.  Unfortunately for my closet, I was in one of those super weird moods where I wanted to only dress like Mary Kate Olsen/Hobo chic extraordinaire. I widdled my cart down to these items which will be making their way to eastern NC very soon.

Zara saleI really have no idea what possessed me to think I needed a long printed caftan sack kind of a dress. But it is amazing and even if I only wear it around the house, it will make me happy. Fingers crossed it fits across my caboose.

Pineapples are suddenly everywhere. I am always ahead of the game. Le duh.

If I actually ask myself, ‘Summer, what do you really need?’ My answer would be tank tops, shorts, and that’s pretty much it. So I got myself a tank top. I love a tank top. I was born to wear tank tops.

Bird shorts! These granny shorts are awesome and I’m praying they fit like I am thinking they should.

More Zara shoes. I have so many pairs as it is, but these black and white striped numbers have been in my dreams since I first saw them in New This Week. I love a pop of green and the medium heel has me hoping I will be able to wear these in a more casual setting.

Have you shopped the ZARA sale? You should. It looks like they’ve added new stuff even since Friday. I could totally buy TONS more, but I’m refraining. At least for today…


How fast did the weekend fly by? They always do though I suppose. I checked off almost all of the things on my weekend to-do list, so that is satisfying. Mr. Wilson did not get a bath…shame on me.

I made the pineapple margaritas…um…I was not overly thrilled with them. Too much lime juice in my opinion. They were definitely still drinkable, but not as delicious as I was hoping.

My hubs and I took the boat down to the beach for an evening cruise around Roanoke Island and then had a marvelous dinner at Owens’ in Nags Head. And yes, I wore a brand new maxi dress that had been sitting in my closet. If you are ever at the Outer Banks and want an amazing dinner with first class service, Owens’ is the place.

I did not start any new paintings, but I did finish one I had been working on for a while. If you follow me on instagram, then you got a peek at the finished product.

My end of week work travels brought me through Raleigh on Friday, where I decided to pop in the mall. I found some fantastic jeans which I can’t wait to wear non-stop. Paige Denim Skyline Ankle Peg jeans. These were on major sale at Belk and I decided to give them a try. I struggle to find jeans that truly fit well, and these are about the best I’ve come across ever. Mid-rise which is almost a necessity for me, the perfect length, and roomy enough in the thigh/butt area to accommodate all my mama gave me. Seen below paired with a fun chambray shirt by Cloth and Stone. I, personally, love denim on denim.


For dinner out Friday night, which ended up being dinner in because we were lazy, I wore my new jeans with a new sleeveless top from H&M.

photo(92)So hooray for new jeans that fit great. It doesn’t get much better than that.