2015 wasn’t my favorite…except for Sloan. Watching her grow and learn and just be amazing in her first full year of life was the best. But everything else? BLEGH.

We had a lot going on with a baby and working and moving…again. Moving just takes it toll on you, and we’ve done it 4 times in 4 years. Plus renovating. I’m worn out and worn down both physically, mentally, and emotionally. And economically.

2015 was a lonely year. Even living in the town I grew up in before we moved, I felt very much a stranger.  Then we move and now I’m in a much bigger place and I don’t know how to make friends. I don’t work with other women, Sloan does not attend daycare, we don’t go to church…it can all be very isolating. Thankfully texting exists so I can keep in touch with my far away friends.

In 2016, I want to figure out how to keep all the clutter at bay. What does everyone else do with it all? Where do you keep magazines? Mail? Shoes? Toys? Dog bowls?  How do you keep your countertops clear? How do you keep clothes off the floor? If everything around me is immaculate clean, my mind feels clear and sharp. But when everything is ALWAYS scattered, cluttered, dirty, blanketed in dog hair…my mind is fuzzy and jittery. Like hot atoms bouncing around in no pattern or order about to explode.

Part of that could also be all the espressos.

So in 2016 I just want to be able to focus. Big picture or small daily task…focus on the desired result and how to get there. I have so many things going on in my head at all times that not one gets true focus and attention. This leads to so many mistakes and oversights that I just can’t deal with going forward.

How do you stay clutter free and focused? Do tell.