One cup

My doctor said two large cups of black coffee is about the recommended amount of daily caffeine for a preggo. I was so happy to not cut out my morning cup altogether. And today, one cup just isn’t enough. I have been up a couple hours and already dealing with nerve pain and heartburn and dog vomit. Awesome!

One thing making my morning truly awesome is that Meredith has blogged my maternity photos! It is hard to choose a favorite. If you didn’t buy this blue maxi from TJMaxx then I am sorry. It is so fabulous and only $25. My mom just happened to see it a few days before the shoot and I am so glad she did!

I am SO trying to avoid the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Y’all aren’t making it very easy with every blog out there highlighting your wishlist. Part of me wants to make a wish list too. Then part of me wants to shut my computer down immediately. I’m getting ready to order my glider for the nursery so there goes any available fun funds anyway. Blegh.

I am going to go wash dishes and maybe fix pancakes.