House plans

My lack of blogging has been extreme. Thank goodness for Instagram!

So. House renovating is hella stressful. The quirks and complications with taking an old house and trying to make it awesome come with a lot of dream crushing. Like I can’t have an awesome light fixture there because there is no attic access because the area did not formerly exist. Or, we cannot run electrical wire down this wall because it used to be an external wall, and there is all kinds of stuff in the way {or something like that}. Or ‘hey, why is the ceiling wet?’ Or ‘hey, I don’t think this is going to pass inspection.’ Or ‘HOW MUCH?’

Anyway, a few surprises here and there, but eventually I do think it will be awesome. I decided to share with y’all my vision for a couple of rooms.

House Reno Bath KitchenGuest Bath: Black & white hex tile floor with black hex borderĀ  | White subway tile shower surround | Wall mount sink | Chrome fixtures

Kitchen: Grayish cabinets | Granite countertops pictured | White herringbone backsplash | White island with wood top

Shattered Dreams: Pendant lights over island – not electrically possible for some reason | White marble countertops – not budget appropriate or practical…but oh so beautiful | Probably not farmhouse sink – Only the Ikea version is in our budget and is too deep for our existing cabinets | Console sink for bathroom – STUPID expensive

Thoughts: My dad is a tiling wizard and he is going to help me do all the bathroom tiling and backsplash, so we will be saving some loot in that department plus I will be learning a trade. My husband wants super fancy carpet in our bedrooms which makes me laugh…and happy. Half of the house has existing wood floors which we plan to refinish, the other half will need new wood floors. Have you shopped for wood floors lately? There are so many crazy options for prefinished wood, engineered wood, and laminate. Exciting but overwhelming. Why is choosing and agreeing on light fixtures so hard?

A New Chapter!

The offer accepted, the contract signed…that’s right my friends, we are going to be homeowners again! While we haven’t closed yet, everything is in the works and I just couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.

After our first home, I said I did not want to have to do a lot of renovations again, yet here we are. And even more than our last house. I’m looking forward to it though, as I feel the house has some hidden character that with some elbow grease and dolla dolla bills, we can make it our own. Who doesn’t look forward to the screaming matches that occur between husband and wife during home renovations?! Haha, I kid. Not really.

Like a lot of old homes, it needs work in kitchen and bathrooms, is adorned with knotty pine paneling, and has some unsightly paint, wallpaper, and blue shag carpet. I have already been pinning away and since the house has a water view, I really want to make it a fresh, breezy space. Lots and lots of white.

Here are my favorite inspiration pics. I’m sure the first of many as I plan to catalog all my thoughts on this here little blog.

Kitchen and Floors:

I can’t decide between white or a more gray color to the cabinets. I love both looks. The countertops and backsplash are currently white tile and not awful. We will probably keep it for now.

I’m pretty obsessed with darker hardwood floors. I know my husband, and everyone else, is going to fight me on this because the house is very small and everyone thinks dark colors make everything feel smaller. I beg to differ and love the contrast and richness of a darker floor. Especially if everything else is white. I am the one who knows what I’m talking about dammit!

Living Room and Den: So the house has a “formal” living room which is basically my favorite room in the house and one that is never used. The den is narrow and long, and I am still struggling with how to position furniture. More on this in the future.


For the guest room, I am obsessed with this image. I even want to paint the floor, but I already know that is not a battle worth fighting. The guest room has two added closets with louvered doors, which I am envisioning painted a perfect kelly green with the all white everything else.

For the “master” (in quotations, because it is insanely, ridiculously small), I am wanting to do my dreamy, dark, moody bedroom palette. I’m not even sure our bed is going to fit in there yet…the thought of moving furniture just made me queasy. Hate it.


I’m still undecided about the bathrooms. I love this:

But I also kind of want to do something fun and crazy. Like this:

So more thinking required on that. Luckily, the master bathroom was added in the 80s and isn’t in the worst shape ever. There is an interesting wallpaper in place, which I will share with y’all soon. I don’t really hate it, it is kind of grandma floral, but not in a revolting way.

Can’t wait to share as things progress! We don’t close for another month, so for now it will just be loads of inspiration!

All images via my Pinterest boards New House & Bedrooms.