Collecting Thoughts

  • We signed the papers, handed over the cash, and got the keys to our new house! Let the fun begin.
  • I ordered this sweater from Madewell. It is a nice weight and super soft, and on sale.
  • Kohls has garnered some interest once again with this embellished blouse. It looks a heck of a lot like this sleeveless version from J.Crew, except with the long sleeves it is a lot more versatile for year-round wear. I purchased the solid blue, but I am really thinking about going back and getting the white. It is a heavy, slightly stretch material that wasn’t see through at all, a rarity these days. Great quality for only $30. I am also a sucker for joggers. Pants that is. The Joie silk joggers have been all over the place and I have been eying them repeatedly.  These from the J.Lo Collection are a good quality, also available in gray, and were on sale for 50% off, making them oh about 90% cheaper than the Joie pants. High five for Kohls.


  • I am obsessed with this Tumblr, STAG.
  • I bought an amazing pair of Lucchese boots recently and am having them tailored a bit at ManMur aka the greatest shoe shop in the world. I seriously love that place. If you are in Raleigh, or not, take your shoes to them. I’ve left Louboutins to Lucchese to vintage to anything in between in their hands and they work magic.
  • For my birthday gift to myself, I bought this super fun ring from Gorjana. I wasn’t overly hype about the quality when it arrived, but I decided to keep it. I wore it only a few times before a stone fell out! I have had better jewelry from Forever21, and for a fraction of the price obvi. Reviews aren’t always roses people.
  • Have a delightful weekend!


Birthday Wish List

My birthday is Friday. I will be THIRTY ONE. That just doesn’t even sound right, but alas, it is as real as the humidity. And if you could see my hair frizz, you would know this to be very, very real. I don’t really care that much about my birthday. It has always been overshadowed by July 4th celebrations, with perhaps the exception of last year, my 30th. My bff, Katie, threw me a party; my husband called W Mag HQ to ask them which perfume they recently featured because he knew I wanted it; he also brought me my coffee in bed; I had the whole week off from work. Needless to say, it was really nice. I’m sure I bought myself numerous amazing gifts too. Which speaking of, gifts are what this post is about. Here is what I want for my 31st.

Birthday Wish List1 | Gorjana Lena Shimmer Double Bar Ring

2 | Mac Book Pro

3 | Dr. Jarts+ Black Label Detox BB Cream

4| Moroccan Oil

5 | Lime tree

6 | NC Bird ID book

7 | a bird bath…because I’m an old lady.

What a list right? It may be the most boring birthday wish list I’ve ever come up with. I really, really want all of these items though. How amazing is that ring? So cool and at $120, not a bank breaker. I have also always wanted a signet ring such as this one. I should add it to my list. I need a new laptop. I need some beauty products. I want a lime tree…who doesn’t? And last but not least, I want to take care of all my birds. My neighbors yard that backs up to mine is registered with the state of NC as a bird sanctuary. This made me jelly, so I have been working to improve my yard as a place for the birds to come hang out and feast. Birds eat a lot btdub.

I have a ton of work to do. Blah. #reallife


Birthday Wish List: Anthro

Anthropologie sent me my birthday present {15% off code} plus they are having a big 50% off sale. I’ve got my eye on several things that I may have to ‘add to cart’ for my birthday. I always buy a Happy {insert name of every holiday} to me present.

Bday AnthroI can see that I did a pretty crappy job of cutting out the background on my images, the result of blogging in a hurry. Please forgive.  I also don’t have time to add each individual link, but I will come back and do that later tonight.

I know I need that bikini. I know I need that jumpsuit. I know I need that chambray peplum tank. etc.