I had the house to myself this weekend and went full hermit. It was awesome. Mostly because this happened:

Rachel convinced me that Friday Night Lights should be the next series to start on Netflix, and man oh man. There’s not much in this world more gorgeous than Tim Riggins. Plus I love football shows/movies, I love Texas, and I love Connie Britton’s hair.  I’m not even going to tell you how many episodes I watched from Friday to Sunday, it is just embarrassing.

One thing the show reminded me is how great cowboy boots are. I wear them almost everyday for work, so they lose some of their appeal for non-work outfits, but now I am really wanting a new pair. I had a fabulous pair that I had resoled twice, but they finally died, and 3 pairs since that have just not fit the bill. The perfect boot is hard to find.

I found this on google images, and had to post. And this displays how cute cowboy boots can be. Especially paired with Tim. Let’s discuss…did y’all have any guys in high school that looked like Tim? Or any of the guys that play high school boys on tv? I don’t think so.

On another note, Lake Bell and her boobs. Probably hubs favorite part of How to Make it in America, the great show that didn’t make it on HBO.

How was your weekend friends? Do tell.