H&M Online

First Zara and now H&M! Finally e-commerce has happened for us here in the USofA. I will say I was not overcome with online shopping euphoria when browsing the site. Hopefully there will be more selection in the future. Am I alone with this thought? Regardless, my add to cart looks like this…

HandMI definitely love the mixed media look we started seeing a lot last fall, and I want to pull the trigger this year. This shape is one of my favorites for coats.

The jumpsuit makes me think of Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, but I find it appealing nonetheless.

I love anything with a dog printed on it. Unless it is a pug. Sorry pug lovers.

Tortoise pointed pumps, yes please.

Followed by some classic, comfy pieces in my favorite daring colors…white & gray.

Sidenote: I finished up Orange is the New Black today. Who else is watching? What say you?



My Classics

I was browsing Pinterest yesterday and saw an old favorite and thought to myself ‘I cannot imagine a time when I wouldn’t want to wear that’. So that gave me the idea to start a new board full of those tried and true looks that I always love, titled Best Looks Ever. I realizedย  when going through my favorite images that a few trends {or lack thereof} stick out.

Classic denim, be it dark skinnys or high waist flares, I love the look forever and always. This look by the gorg Meredith Melling Burke is one of my favorites of all time. I love double denim and a high waist anything. I have always loved this silhouette and it is nearly impossible to make it work on my body type. Sadz.

All Black. I have really gotten into all black everything ever since seeing this amazing look. It just doesn’t get any more tailored, sexy, edgy, and chic all at once.

All White. Or probably more accurate, cream, off white, winter white. Again, an all time favorite, all year long. It is fresh and elegant and glamorous.

French inspired. A classic French look is so romantic, simple, and chic.

Pop of color. While I like head to toe prints and colors, I don’t often wear it. However, I am drawn to one bold hued piece. Usually in kelly green, yellow, or red.

Sexy. I’m not going to deny that I like a curve hugging look. I love a slouchy sweater, a shapeless shift, but more often than not you will find me in something with a little more va voom. It is hard not to when your body shape is more J. Lo than Alexa Chung. I am pretty obsessed over KCav’s entire ensemble. She looks pretty amazing no?

Do you often pick the same looks over and over? What are your favorite trends/non-trends? Do tell.