As you learned in my previous post, it is hard to stay connected in this world without internet and good cell service. I am once again lounging at my empty in-laws house. They are away for the week and I would like to say we are house sitting as opposed to squatting. Either way we are making ourselves at home, and I am so thankful they do not mind. Our biggest challenge being keeping Rolo from destroying something. Last time, he ate their Direct TV remote. Whoops!

House update: The painters have come and gone except for a few remaining touch ups. I was so excited only to be disappointed by their quality of work. And supposedly one of them got bit by a brown recluse spider while at our house. Geez loueez. Our final electrical inspection is today, and hopefully that means we will have power back on tomorrow. Our countertops are being installed on Thursday. Things are happening! Every single light fixture is finally purchased, all the paint colors have been picked out, my sofa & chair are being dropped off at the upholsterer this week…it feels good. Next up: choosing new hardware for the kitchen cabinets, finally deciding on new floors, getting our gas lines hooked up, more painting.

Product update: I’m still using Cetaphil moisturizer from head to toe and my skin has never been better. Recently, I switched to a new oil facial cleanser and absolutely love it.

Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil

I wasn’t really looking for a new face wash as I was happy with Cetaphil, but saw this and decided to give it a try. It takes off ALL eye makeup in an instant and leaves my face feeling hydrated and clean. And it smells good, and after using so much bland no scent Cetaphil, it is a nice change.

Add to Cart update: With all the house expenditures, I have reeled in my shopping like never before. However, I have made two rather large purchases recently.

Rachel Pally ‘Jazz’ Maxi

I bought this for a friend’s January wedding. I loathe being cold, so I started searching for long sleeve dresses and ended up finding this gem. It is so fantastic and I got a ton of compliments. Right now it is on major sale via Amazon. You can expect the same comfort level as with any Rachel Pally number and it is plenty long for you tall girls.

Rag & Bone ‘Harrow’ Camel booties

These booties are in no way new as I have been longing for them for a couple years now. Unfortunately they rarely go on sale and spending $500+ on them was just not in my budget. When visiting my bff in Atlanta, I decided to try them on and they were so comfortable and definitely the most flattering bootie this short, stout legged lady is ever going to find. But again, not on sale. So I have stalked them on eBay and the web in general, basically just giving it up because I really only wanted them in camel. Until one day last week I see some chick on Instagram had just bought them and decided to check out the company she bought them from {Emporium DNA}…long story made long is that they were 50% off and had my size. SOLD. They still have a few sizes left on the website {36, 37, 37.5 — FYI these run almost a full size small}.

I think that is enough for now…have you scored any good end of season deals? Do tell.

#omgshoes | Rag & Bone Booties

I am super late in the game, but decided last week that I am in love with the Rag & Bone Harrow booties. I have obviously been seeing them on celebs and bloggers and other stylish friends for a long while now, but it just hit me that they might be the perfect boot for me. Unfortunately with renovating a house and all, I don’t have $500 to drop on booties. Fortunately they have been around a couple seasons now, and there are several lookalike options out there.

BootiesSole Society

DV by Dolce Vita


DV by Dolce Vita

The real thangs are still my favorite, but the Sole Society option is a close second and a mere 18% of the cost. All of the lookalikes come in a variety of colors, just like the originals. This mushroomy color shown is my top choice, although I also like the black.

What are your favorite booties for fall? Do tell.

#omgshoes | Navy

It’s no secret that I really love shoes, and I really love navy. A beautiful marriage.

navy shoes1 | Alexander McQueen

2 | Calvin Klein

3 | Salvatore Ferragamo

4 | LK Bennett

5 | Zara

6 | Chinese Laundry

Those McQueen booties are just incredible, and the cutout CK peep toe booties are a great shoe for summer to fall. A classic navy Ferragamo flat? I think yes. LK Bennett has some serious navy pumps to choose from. Nothing like a pointed pump. And a more economical version of the Jenni Kayne d’orsay flat.

Are you in the navy or no? Do tell.