Wish List

So basically this is a list of things I want to buy myself.

  1. Espresso cups – Since buying a Nespresso, I want to see all that beautiful crema. 3384_4_mediamain2. Teil Duncan print – I have wanted one of her beach or cow prints for a long time. I don’t know why I won’t just buy it already.ccac4d569717d512aafef5df55a2cf67
  2. Essential oil diffuser – This is kind of dumb but I want one nonetheless.
  3. Janet Hill “Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess” – I am obsessed with her paintings and of course love the Miss Moon series with dogs, which are all compiled in a lovely story book. 9781101917930
  4. Revitalash – the eyelash extensions didn’t work for me because I can’t stop pulling on them, but I loved having longer darker lashes (who doesn’t?).
  5. I also want a puppy and a pony because I’m a 10 year old white girl.    721e1bd405aea975679b123dd401ff28       welsh-mt-palomino-mare


My attitude is quite snarky today. You can thank excessive job stress. I was just sitting in my office chair procrastinating (aka scrolling instagram) and thought how annoying it is that I can’t wear Valentinos to work. Can we talk about #whitegirlproblems ? Remember that time when I had my very own pair of Rockstuds?


It was short lived as I returned them. I have basically cursed the day ever since I made that damn practical decision. It is true I can’t wear heels to work. It is true I live in a tiny town with no place fancy to go…ever. It is true they are still amazing and I wish I had kept them.  Now I get to look at all you bloggers with your $4000 worth of accessories just milling about, and make snarky comments because I am not one of you. Take that.

Speaking of White Girl Problems, who wants the book? I know I do.

Who’s ready for a royal baby announcement?!

Reading: Books & Blogs

My reading has been a little slack lately, but I have managed to find a few worth mentioning.

Books JuneEven when I was really not doing much blogging, reading or writing, there were a few I always checked in with. That’s when you know they’re good right? Some were friends that I just liked to keep up with, but a couple stick out from the crowd.

The Love List by Jess Graves is one of those blogs you read for the writing. Not just good diction and grammar, but it makes you feel something.  She posts about regular lifestyle blog stuff…clothes, wish lists, etc. which is all also pretty great.  But then she’ll throw in a post written like a book you can’t put down, such as the recent “Relationship PTSD”.  Unfortunately I don’t have the gift of putting feelings into coherent sentences, so you’ll just have to go check it out for yourself.

Another blog that I will read for as long as it is published is Jamie Meares’ I Suwannee.  It seems some bloggers have reached celebrity status, and Jamie is no different. The difference is consistently interesting content, simple as that. It seems Furbish really is worth all the hype, and that is a rare gem in today’s world of over-exposed, over-copied. And I think I’ve read somewhere that Jamie has an english major background or something of the like, and it shines through even when she is discussing donkeys and pom-poms.

There you have it. That’s what I’m reading these days…what about you? DO TELL!