I’ve wanted to blog many times over the past couple months, but felt no one was left to read it. But today I’m blogging anyway. Because I know like 6 of you will read it. To jump back into it, I’m copying Katie and answering 5 questions.

  1. At the top of your wishlist right now….The perfect swimsuit (does it exist?), all the skin care treatments available — facial, botox, fillers, peels. Skin care has become a recent obsession (post about my new routine forthcoming). article-thumb1
  2. Blog(s) you’re loving lately….My friends’ blogs The Perks and Winchester Wife. Jessica actually got me to watch The Bachelor because of her hilarious recap posts. I might be hooked which I never thought I’d ever say…ever. Other than those I literally only read a handful of others…i suwannee and despite her extreme perfection, I still love Liz of Sequins & Stripes. Pretty in Pink Megan and Cupcakes & Cashmere are long time favorites. Dog puppy with  cat in front of a laptop isolated on white background
  3. Favorite thing about spring….Longer days, getting some color on my ghostly gray skin, and flowers of course.tanning-mother-620x338
  4. The next trip you’re taking….Mike & I are attempting another vacation, hopefully this one without disaster (another post for another day), to the Florida Keys. We are staying in Islamorada but will rent a car and explore. I’m looking forward to it and hope it is nice and warm.600x600_1316019102458-beachocean
  5. TV show you can’t stop watching….Fresh Meat! On a recent girls weekend with Emily & Kelly Ann we decided to watch some Netflix. For some odd reason we chose to start this show and it is super hilarious.  I have also been watching The Family on ABC. It is a new show and it is fantastic.tv-fresh_meat-2011_-howard_maccallum-greg_mchugh-tshirts-s01e02-geologists_go_deeper_tshirt

I want to blog, I really do

I don’t know how I used to do this every day. There are many nights sitting in a hotel room I think to myself, oh I should blog…but then the words just don’t come. Or if they do…I end up deleting it. I’m not sure what it is but it’s like I’ve lost my voice. Or maybe I just don’t have anything to say anymore. I’m so boring!

My wardrobe is far from interesting these days. Madewell tshirts, jeans, workout pants, pajamas. Repeat.

I did order this bathing suit from Target. The bottom is backordered for like a month, but the top came quickly. It is cute but kind of itchy. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it. The quality is meh. And I just realized the whole suit is no longer available online in black. I like the icy blue, but be warned the material is not very thick.

Another Target find…several weeks ago I bought this top…didn’t think I was going to keep it…then forgot where I put it…then found it weeks later. And now I’ve worn it three days in a row. It is very swingy and great for summer.

I brought two dress options to wear to a wedding this past weekend. The one I did not wear I saw on another girl at the wedding. Crisis avoided!

I’m currently taking a 12 hr driving improvement course online because I got a speeding ticket. FML.

I spilled red wine on my beige sofa tonight.

Tomorrow is Monday.

Plus and minus

I don’t really make resolutions. BUT I do often think with the new year what I’d like to change, add, delete to my life.

CHANGE: I have this thing where I will know exactly what I want, but will somehow let someone (someone = my husband) or the price tag change my mind. I will get what I sort of like, end up hating, wanting to get rid of and buy what I wanted to begin with. In the end I waste money, time, and happiness by trying to be cheap or compromising too much.

ADD: Fresh air. Last winter was atrocious, I was in my first trimester, remodeling a house, and living in an office/warehouse. I don’t feel like I was outside enough. The summer came and I was really hot, really pregnant, and basically couldn’t deal with being outside. So now I’m ready to get OUT and breathe. Be it with my little family or alone, I can’t stand to be stagnant any longer.

ADD: Hobbies. Paint more. Sell said paintings. Maybe try tennis again. I suck at tennis.

DELETE: Complaining about dog hair and dirty floors. This seems trivial, but in my house it is a constant battle and I spend so much time being aggravated by both. I love my dog and he’s not going anywhere so with him comes dog hair aplenty. I love my husband and he’s not going anywhere so with him comes boots, and dirt, and dirty boots.

ADD: Meal planning. It works. Makes my week go so much smoother and my grocery shopping has purpose. Instead of just wandering the aisles buying random ingredients and then getting home with nothing to eat.

CHANGE: My hair color! Mixing it up on Thursday because I can. Taking this pic of the Duff to my hair girl.

So a few things I’m pondering. Obvi much of my year will be spent watching my little baby girl grow and learn new things every day. 2015 is going to be great.

Let me TELL you

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right? I hope so. My excuse du jour is that my old laptop got sent back to my corporate office, probably awaiting a technological death, and finally I have a new one resting upon my desk.

However, after an afternoon full of emails and phone calls, I’m stepping away from said laptop to whip up this:


*Side note: Our IT guy said to not use Firefox on our new laptops. Say what? I’ve used internet explorer for all of 30 minutes and can’t take it any longer. Sorry IT guy. Is this just me?


  • I write a little mini-newsletter for work every Monday. It has become quite popular. I think I might like to do that on the blog as well, except it would not be about cattle, horses, etc. It would be about my week in blogging, online shopping, etc.
  • Happily Grey is so beautiful it makes me emotional.
  • Does anyone know any web/blog designers that work with WordPress??? I am struggling over here in this non-Google world. Amy, if you are reading…do you do this kind of thing??
  • I added a Follow by Email box to the right…move your mouse over there and follow!
  • I cannot figure out how to make my comments on your blogs not say “no-reply blogger comment”. I like to be able to reply instantly to a comment, so the fact that others cannot do this to my comments is stressful.


Just some notes on Wednesday. I’m still getting back into this blogging groove!