Baby favorites

Sloan is a few days shy of being a 5 month old! I figured before she was doing crazy stuff like sitting up and eating real food, I would reflect on her teeny baby phase and share the items I found most useful. I’m totes an expert now.

Baby FavoritesHonest Diapers | I must say these have the best absorption and least leaks. I have twice now found coupon codes for bundles (250+ diapers) making the price just as good as Pampers/Huggies, plus they are shipping right to my door.

Gerber Newborn Knit Burp Cloths | These are super cheap and extremely soft and absorbent. I wish they made them as blankets and sleepers and sleep sacks…etc. I always reach for these first.

Boba baby wrap | I have the Boba but really any wrap will do. Baby wearing is a great way to quiet a fussy baby and allows you to get something done, like pour a glass of wine. I am contemplating the Ergo baby carrier…anyone have thoughts on this they would like to share? Better than the Baby Bjorn?

Sound machine | Sloan is an excellent night time sleeper and I think part of that is because we have instilled a pretty strict bedtime routine since day one. It is the only real routine we have established so far, but it seems to be working. I only play the sound machine at night and I think she associates it with bedtime. Plus since we have a teeny tiny house it helps drown out some of the noise we make until we go to bed. We start bath time around 7, then jammies, then food, then bed. Snoozefest. She usually wakes up somewhere around 630-7am.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles & Bottle Warmer | Sloan had some mild reflux and after trying a couple other bottles, I really found these to result in less gas. Since I had to exclusively pump, the bottle warmer was a life saver.

Fisher Price Rock N Play | When every single other one of these lists features a Rock N Play…just buy it.

Stroller | Strollers vary widely and I ended up with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT for several reasons. I call it an all-terrain stroller as it can be used on most any surface. It is not a true jogging stroller in my opinion, but guess what? I ain’t jogging. It is insanely portable. With one pull it collapses and I can transport it between home and the grandmothers’ houses with ease. Most any car seat pops in with an adapter. It is relatively small which is a huge factor for us since we keep it in the house (and often stroll her around inside when she is fussy). It was a reasonable price…not the cheapest but definitely not the most expensive. Plus it came highly recommended by mom friends and friends of mom friends. My best advice is to think about what you really need it for and go from there, and also to try it out in the store.  The Wise Baby blog is great for when you are trying to figure out what to register for/buy. There are tons of real moms with a lot of these type lists plus product reviews.

A pretty basic list but Sloan is a good and easy baby. One thing I will add is an iPad…and from there a Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or HBOGo subscription. Feeding/pumping can get pretty boring especially in the beginning because you are doing it so often and having something to watch helps pass the time. Something else I will add is have some professional pictures taken. I know it is another expense, but this time when they are tiny just FLIES by and while our phones capture a lot of everyday life, it is nice to have real photos. This is one thing I didn’t do for newborn Sloany but luckily my amazing friend Meredith, who did my maternity photos, came to visit when Sloan was about 4 months old and took some pics. Hooray! Ok, lastly I recommend subscribing to Lucie’s List and have some friends/family you can ask for advice. It has definitely helped me figure things out along the way, and sometimes it is just good to be able to discuss the hardships of baby rearing!

What other go-to things have saved your sanity? Do tell.

Getting by

All I really want to talk about is how hard it is being a mom. How hard it is to feed your child. How hard it is to feel “normal” when you haven’t had a decent amount of sleep in a month. How hard it is to not scream at your husband when he hasn’t fed the dogs. How hard it is not to cry every morning when you realize your pre-preg jeans still don’t fit. How hard it is to drink enough water! How hard it is to look at the clock and realize you need to pump. Again. How hard it is to “sleep when she sleeps.” How hard it is not to go bat shit when someone tells you to sleep when she sleeps. How hard it is when your kid won’t keep the damn pacifier in her mouth. Just do it! How hard it is to wake up with a crying baby and realize your dog is chewing your Tory Burch flats. Granted that gives me a reason to need new black flats. Now no one can say I’m negative nancy.

Things helping us get by…

Coffee | Grandmas | Baby bath time | Netflix | the Rock N Play | …Coffee

Nursery Board

So my plans for the nursery have wandered here and there, but then I found these Serena & Lily panels from TJMaxx for $15, and with that one purchase it all sort of came together in my mind. I haven’t actually bought any of this yet (except my in-laws have bought the crib for us), but at least I have a plan. With warm white walls (Westhighland White by Sherwin Williams) and carpet, and all white trim…I am working with a blank canvas in every way.

nursery board_edited-1Floral cornices will be the super star of the room for sure, along with the emerald tassel panels. The bottom half of the windows will have white shutters.

A vintage-y crib and coastal vibe of the changing table definitely work with our home aesthetic.

I’m still searching for the perfect glider (that isn’t 4 million dollars) and would like a fun pouf or ottoman to bring in color.

While chevron is off my radar for the most part, I still like the graphic print for a kids room. Especially as a nice contrast with the traditional floral print of the cornices. A trellis or stripe would also work just as nicely.

Some bright and happy art tie all the colors together and make this room anything but boring white.

Hopefully this will all actually happen by the time this little human arrives!

24 weeks+

How far along? 24 weeks! Baby is an ear of corn this week?


Yes, that is my real life bathroom situation. No peonies here.

Total weight gain: Um, 13 lbs! When did that happen!? Oh, I know, when i ate pancakes 4x in one week, and lots of ice cream, and french onion dip and chips. Thanks vacation.

Sleep: I was so tired yesterday that I could hardly hold my head up. I ended up going to bed before 9pm and slept almost 12 hours. Getting comfortable is starting to become a challenge and the AC pretty much can’t work hard enough. Can’t wait for the next 3 months of blazing heat and humidity!

Best moment this week: Our first major baby gift arrived yesterday and it was so exciting! We ended up going with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller after test driving it and getting lots of good reviews from friends and friends of friends. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Worst moment of the week: Having to think about work again after being at the beach for over a week. Bleh.

Miss Anything? Sushi. And multiple cups of coffee.

Food cravings: Not really. I was craving pancakes there for about a week but thankfully for my ass circumference that seems to have passed.

Food aversions: Not really. Still not craving Mexican which is my favorite food in the world.

Have you started to show yet: Definitely.

Gender: Girl!

Symptoms: The past few weeks have been a breeze although I have started getting really tired again.

Workouts: A youtube workout here and there.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy.

Looking forward to: Finishing my registry so I can stop thinking about it.

18 weeks


It’s all good in the baby hood. Not much to really tell other than I bought my first maternity pants this week.

How far along? 18 weeks! Baby is a sweet potato this week.

Total weight gain: No scale at home but I imagine a few lbs at this point.

Sleep: Good! I have been sleeping like a rock lately which is awesome.

Best moment this week: Finding out my blood work came back good. Blood tests are scary!

Worst moment of the week: It got cold again. I can’t take it.

Miss Anything? My energy.

Food cravings: Not so much the past couple weeks.

Food aversions: Not really. Still not wanting meat though.

Have you started to show yet: Definitely.

Gender: T – 11 days until we find out!!!

Symptoms: Still really tired but not quite as bad as I was.

Workouts: Longer dog walks.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Much more even keeled and feeling a little more normal.

Looking forward to: Finding out if we’re having a mini-me or mini-mike on the 28th!!

16 Weeks

So I’ve become one of those people that speaks in weeks. It’s impossible to avoid. At 16 weeks, I actually feel and look pregnant (to me anyway). I liked reading other bloggers “bumpdates” so I thought I would do it too. Here goes…

How far along? 16 weeks – the babe is the size of an avocado

**My sister reminded me I needed a pic…duh**

Total weight gain: 0!

Sleep: Um, not great, but that is nothing unusual. I have to get up most every night to pee = mega annoying.

Best moment this week: Finding out I had not gained any weight even though I feel like a tanker.

Worst moment of the week: Mike’s ruined birthday cake which was immediately followed by an emotional breakdown.

Have you told family and friends: Yep.

Miss Anything? BOOOOZE and my flat abs.

Food cravings: Super cliche but I am loving pickles/pickle juice. Also orange juice. Cold pasta salads.

Food aversions: Not really. Not into meat which is totes unlike this carnivore.

Have you started to show yet: Yes. I bought a belly band today!

Gender: We have to wait a whole month before we have the big ultrasound.

Symptoms: Sore stomach muscles, HUGE sore boobs, constantly congested, always thirsty, and STUPID TIRED. Like more tired than I thought possible. I really wasn’t overly tired during my first trimester, but when I hit the second trimester it is like something drained all the life out of me.

Workouts: Just dog walks…basically none. I want/need to start though.

Happy or Moody most of the time: It changes with the wind. Very happy to insanely irritated to ridiculously weepy. It is exhausting.

Looking forward to: Actually having a real bump and not just looking bloated.


Ok. That was pretty boring I guess.

A guest room, revisited.

The guest room is always “my room”. As in, I can decorate it however I want without any major husband input. It is, therefore, the most fun room to decorate. I knew immediately how I wanted our guest room to look: all white, kelly green doors, white bedding, white headboard, some bright pillows, and our collection of New Orleans art we’ve collected from our trips.

A very quick little inspiration board:

guest room

There are two closets and imagine the closet doors and door casings painted kelly green. Imagine more art and framed photographs to bring in the color. Imagine black and white ticking stripe fabric cornices and bamboo shades on the two windows. Imagine an old wooden dresser…hopefully you are getting an idea of my idea.

Ok. All set. Nothing too expensive or hard to accomplish. Amazing finished product. Here is where life happens and now amazing said guest room is requiring some additional thought. There is just no way a bed AND a crib will fit in the same room. And what guest wants to sleep in the same room with a baby? Since my brain could only handle so much at one time, I decided to keep with the white walls (specifically Sherwin Williams Westhighland White) and green closets (SW Grasshopper). The rest is TBD. Stay tuned!