Powder Room

I have temporarily moved my office into the lounge (the navy room I posted on insta). It is a glorious space for basically anything. I am completely obsessed with a super dark painted room. But this post is about powder rooms. Or half baths. Whichever you want to call it. Powder room is more glam.

Ours is right off the kitchen and we were so #blessed to have the world’s most hideous wallpaper gracing the walls. Since the wallpaper was installed by someone with less skills than Rolo, and after the disastrous wallpaper removal incident in the kitchen, we knew we had to just cover it up.

My original inspo: this bath is just perfect.

So to cover up the wallpaper in a cost effective manner, we decided to put up beadboard floor to ceiling. And because I got really ahead of myself and bought a whole GALLON of paint for the bottom kitchen cabinets that I didn’t end up liking with the countertops, I’m using said gallon to paint the beadboard. Paint color is SW Storm Cloud, a blue gray with more blue than gray.

Since my entire house is full of blues and grays and grays and blues, I wanted to do something fun on the ceiling.


Here again, I am cheap and want to do everything myself and want a very non-permanent version of this in case I get tired of it in a month. Cutting Edge Stencil has this pattern and I am giving it a go. I am on the fence regarding the color, but I’m leaning toward orange or the same color as the vanity cabinet, which will be a glossy powder blue with marble top. So basically I’m just copying the picture. Don’t you want to hire me as your designer?

I inherited a bamboo mirror which is currently white…not sure what color I will paint it. Gold? Storm Cloud blue? Powder blue? Orange? I also purchased a cheap barn type light and I am thinking I’m going to paint it as well…same color as mirror? So many decisions still left to make. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Powder Room

  1. I am dying to stencil our powder room, but I am also terrified. I have a feeling i will do a 1/4th of it and give up and then have to spend $ on repainting…I CANNOT WAIT to hear about your experience!!

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