All the emojis

That’s how I’ve felt lately. Insanely irritable, so happy that I start crying, crying for no reason, normal, crazy, rest and repeat. Mike is probably glad I’m gone this week for work…I, however, am a ball of hot mess being away from my little bird. Some days it is just harder to leave her than others. She is walking everywhere and into everything and I just imagine all the bad things because I’m not there to hover. Because I’m crazy! 

I blame a lot of it on the raging swell and lull of hormones I (every woman?) deal with. It is also hard AF being a working mom, moving and renovating (my fridge is currently in the foyer), my husband is starting his own business, I miss being 10 minutes from my mom, and I know these aren’t life altering problems but merely just life

To combat the overwhelming feel of feeling all the feelings all at once…I decided I needed some frivolous vanity by means of eyelash extensions. 

My eyes are super dark and my hair and lashes are not, so when I don’t curl my eyelashes, wear eyeliner and mascara then I look sad (see pic on the right). I really love them so far and love that I don’t have to struggle with taking eye makeup off every night. They are definitely an investment but most good things are…

Champagne, shoes, sheets…and lashes.

2 thoughts on “All the emojis

  1. Your lashes legit make you look 5 years younger and more glamorous. Also girlfriend, you are doing A LOT right now! You just moved, are away from your family, work and have a baby and add renovating your kitchen. Go easy on yourself. And drink some wine.

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