OTC Makeup

I have recently gotten a little obsessed with makeup. Which is weird because I don’t wear much and it is so humid and hot that wearing anything is a challenge. As a result of watching a lot of youtube videos I have discovered some drugstore ‘dupes’ of great designer makeup products.


1. Maybelline Master Prime Primer – I bought the illuminating version and really like it. I, personally, prefer the texture over the Smashbox primers. It is more of a thin lotion consistency. The illuminating part is not overpowering. I often do not use this over my entire face, but more over areas were I have larger pores or want more highlight.

2. Maybelline Master Conceal in 20 Light – This is supposed to be similar to the MAC Pro Longwear concealer which if you watch any makeup tutorials on youtube, this is a favorite for concealing/contouring/highlighting. I squeeze a little onto my finger tip and then rub my two fingers together to warm the product. I use this predominantly under my eyes and it absorbs and blends nicely.

3. e.l.f. small stiple brush – I love this brush for applying foundation. Particularly in the summer, I blend my foundation (I use Revlon PhotoFinish) with a moisturizer and then use this brush to work into my skin. I like that I can apply very little product evenly over my face and build coverage as needed. I always used to my fingers but I prefer this method and feel like I can use less product.

4. Suave Dry Shampoo – this is an old favorite. I find the smell of the new versions of the Suave dry shampoos to be atrocious, so I stick to the original. You can’t beat it for the price.

5. Tarte ShowStopper palette – This is not a drugstore product but a brand new palette that I absolutely love. I really don’t need anything else in my makeup bag…it has it all! I’ve been a huge fan of Tarte matte bronzer ‘Park Ave Princess’ and recently LOST mine which sucks. Kate @ Small Things Blog had this palette on her instagram feed a few weeks back so I looked it up. It contains my favorite aforementioned bronzer, a fantastic highlighter (think dewy versus sparkly), a full size blush, and great pigmented eye shadows which can be used for a natural daytime look or a smokier eye for night. See my instagram feed for a pic of the colors! The palette is a little smaller than a CD.

I am too lazy to link all these items, so you’ll just have to google if you want to see prices/buy. Sorry. No liking to knowing it over here. #badblogger #duh


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