Here I was sitting in my hotel room getting ready to fire up some Netflix (even though I am out of stuff to watch)…and I start thinking about my hair. I go to Kate – Small Things Blog to check out her new do after seeing it on insta and thinking…’hey that’s what i want.’ Seeing her hair led me to pinterest and more hair pics, which reminded me that Blake Lively’s pregnant hair was of interest. So then I started looking at her pics. You know what will make you feel bad about yourself? Blake Lively.

What the hell is she always laughing at? Le sigh.

Oh well. I do want different hair though. I am thinking lo lights all around and then some blonde right around my face. We’ll see how that works out. I haven’t had it cut since July. No amount of moroccan oil in the world will keep my hair from breaking at this point. Although it has certainly helped me grow my hair quite a bit longer than usual. Having fine, fragile hair is truly a curse. #problems

One thought on “Changes

  1. If I was Blake Lively I would be laughing at everyone all the time too. She is crushing it with her pregnancy style too. I just find that to be rude. I had to take Biotin after SS, because I had a bald spot. Sweet. It is better now.

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