Food: something I’ve had a love-hate relationship with recently. It’s like I get reeeaaally hungry and then BOOM. not hungry. So annoying.

Things my appetite hasn’t waned for…pancakes. ice cream. cheeseburgers. chicken parm.

Regardless, here are things I’m making and eating and enjoying.

I IG’d this delicious morsel because, well, it was delicious. It was not so loosely based on this recipe from Real Simple. I replaced green beans with asparagus and orecchiette pasta with cheese tortellini. Yum.


You’ve seen BLT chopped salads all over Pinterest. Well do yourself a favor and make one, any one. I made a little dressing consisting of ranch, lime juice, sriracha, and cilantro paste. What is that you say? This stuff…

I can say the basil version is better and I use it all the time. It is perfect for tomato sauces, pasta salads, added to mayo for amazing BLT’s, etc.

I have been craving carbs like a maniac, and am planning on making this tonight from A Kitchen Addiction. It has fruit so it’s healthy right?


In hopes of trying to avoid being a total fatty…I made these “healthy” cookies with no sugar, flour, all things good. This is my second attempt and I thought perhaps this recipe would be better. But guess what? There is no such thing as a delicious and healthy cookie. We ended up throwing most of them away.

A different recipe I made with ripe bananas was this one and it is insane good. Decadent Double Chocolate Banana Bread.

And for my last culinary masterpiece…

These are freakin good.

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