WELL. We moved, but not into our house, into a temporary living space, or the “warehouse” as I will refer to it, which has no internet or cable. That’s right friends, no internet. My cell phone barely gets enough service to load instagram maybe once a day. So off the grid I am. I am not going to say how nice it is, because it isn’t nice at all. It blows. It also explains an extreme absence from blogging, commenting, etc. Right now I am lounging at my empty in-laws house doing laundry (oh yeah, no washer/dryer at the warehouse either…OH, or KITCHEN!…)

But what really has me sitting here writing this is meeting one of the bridesmaids at a friend’s gorgeous wedding last night. She was a big fan of my old blog, Life is Reed-iculous, and it made me reminisce about when I used to blog everyday and really enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll give it another go. Maybe I’ll just blog when the mood strikes. Like today. I figure I have a lot I could talk about for future posts…like how big Rolo has gotten and how amazing he is, how we still don’t even have power at our house, how renovating a house is so stressful, how my plans for each room have evolved and morphed into this crazy compromise that looks nothing like my original vision, how all white everything is not practical, basically ever, and how this makes me sad, how thinking you are getting closer to being done and realize there is so much more left to choose, do, pay for…………makes you want to drown in mexican food and margs right? Me too. The good news is we are getting closer. I seriously cannot wait to share some before and after photos. The befores are so fug.

Ok well here’s to blogging again in 2014!

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