Agree to Disagree

Husbands and decor decisions. How does that work for you? Because for me…it is the most frustrating of all things. My  husband is all about FUNCTION. I know function is important, and since we have basically gutted our home, we can tailor almost everything to our wants and needs. However, that comes with its own set of challenges. I’ve never lived in this house before, so it is hard to for me to feel the space to know what it needs. But decisions have to be made.

Our main challenge is limited square footage. We are talking 1300 sq ft of living space. This house was so closed up that we have busted out walls and taken down cabinets left and right. While it has opened it up enormously, we have eliminated a lot of the available storage. With small square footage, it is important for us to utilize vertical space. To my husband, this means NO SIDE TABLES, COFFEE TABLE, LAMPS. WTF dude? How am I supposed to make this house amazing without lots of tables, vignettes, and lamps? I told him to go live in minimalist Russia.


Before: Chimney wall flanked by a closet and a bookshelf/cabinet.

Photo1(5)After: Different viewpoint, but you can see everything was dark and dreary and now…All gone.

Next challenge is we cannot agree on light fixtures. At all. I don’t know why but we have a polar opposite view of a great light fixture. He is against drum shades, chandeliers, and industrial influenced lights AKA everything that is cool looking. We have come to a few compromises with this, but I don’t think either of us are really happy with it.

It isn’t all bad though. We actually agree on a lot of the overall feel. He just doesn’t like a lot of stuff on the floor. And I get it…but…get over it. He has said nothing about my bathroom design, so that means he must like it. He hates dark bedrooms, but knows it is happening. He has even not totally shut down my extreme love of this leopard print carpet for the guest room. Win! I have agreed to not paint a small area of the heart pine walls. We are referring to this as our “sailboat room” because it reminds me of the inside of an old boat.

So preetttyy.

So how do y’all balance your finely tuned amazing taste with your other half? I don’t feel like I’m asking for pink walls with tons of tribal prints, so he should be thankful for that…




4 thoughts on “Agree to Disagree

  1. I guess in the end it’s all about compromise…he should trust your taste/design decisions too! I think having a space that is all theirs helps too. I suggest making idea boards of how everything will look together and showing it to him, I think they have a hard time visualizing everything together. Or at least my Mr. does!

  2. Perk and I fight about this a lot. He has opinions, which I think are annoying. But in the end, we both have to live with it, so we usually compromise, by letting the other one win in another area of the house. Good luck! I know it is a lot of work.

  3. This is the worst advice ever and I might be the worst wife ever. This is such a southern comment. Decorating is my thing, it makes me happy. I do not tell him how to fish. I think as long as everything is comfortable I do not know why it matters what fabric is on it. Our house is pretty girly. In the beginning, I would ask him his opinion and he would say no. We would argue. Now I just buy it and put it in the house. He literally does not even notice that anything changed.

  4. Girllll just go with your gut! I’ve learned that some men (my husband) cannot get the big picture so it’s best to go for it no matter what they say. When it’s all done expect a “that actually looks really good there – not what I would have picked but it looks good!” Battle won.

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