Old Glory

This post couldn’t be more pertinent on a day where we all take time to think about our pride and our freedoms in this great country. I have been thinking a lot lately of making the NC flag a piece of art, whether it be actual art that is painted on a some type of material, or a real flag. Then I was perusing House Beautiful and was reminded that no one has done this better than Ralph Lauren. Ralph does American comfort like no other. Lived in, inviting, and perfectly collected.

Other inspiration using the American flag:

Our new house is in a very historical, coastal town and I am loving the idea of walking by our state flag every day. I’m thinking of painting it on the old wood we are tearing out of the house…kind of like this look {or I guess I could just buy this poster and frame it…hmmm}.

Think BIG with dark wood floors, white-ish walls…NC for life.

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