#omgshoes | Rag & Bone Booties

I am super late in the game, but decided last week that I am in love with the Rag & Bone Harrow booties. I have obviously been seeing them on celebs and bloggers and other stylish friends for a long while now, but it just hit me that they might be the perfect boot for me. Unfortunately with renovating a house and all, I don’t have $500 to drop on booties. Fortunately they have been around a couple seasons now, and there are several lookalike options out there.

BootiesSole Society

DV by Dolce Vita


DV by Dolce Vita

The real thangs are still my favorite, but the Sole Society option is a close second and a mere 18% of the cost. All of the lookalikes come in a variety of colors, just like the originals. This mushroomy color shown is my top choice, although I also like the black.

What are your favorite booties for fall? Do tell.

4 thoughts on “#omgshoes | Rag & Bone Booties

  1. I have a pair from Forever21 from last year…they were $20 and I’m in love with them! Dolce Vita is another favorite of mine though!

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