Let’s Talk T.V.

I’m not a huge TV watcher. I can NEVER remember when anything comes on, always forget to set the DVR, and we live in timbuktu where On Demand does not exist. Can you believe such blasphemy?! That being said, I have recently enjoyed the marathons of internet TV thanks to Netflix, which has gotten me more in the TV watching mood. Right now the only thing set on my DVR is Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars. What can I say? They are both excellent high school dramas. I do watch TrueBlood real time, although I have not really been impressed this season…What are your thoughts? Not enough Eric IMO.

With TV on the brain, I have been wondering when the shows I like are coming back on…so I looked them up and figured why not share with y’all? Here goes…Summer’s Fall TV Guide:


THE LEAGUE (FX): Wednesday, September 4

NASHVILLE (ABC): Wednesday, September 25

REVENGE (ABC): Sunday, September 29

SCANDAL (ABC): Thursday, October 3

HART OF DIXIE (CW): Monday, October 7

DOWNTON ABBEY (PBS): Sunday, January 5, 2014!

Question: What show should I start next on Netflix? I’ve heard good things about Damages. DO TELL!

and just because….#OITNB


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk T.V.

  1. Summer- you HAVE HAVE HAVE to watch Friday Night Lights on Netflix. It is set in a tiny Texas town and it is about a football team and their own personal dramas. Rayna from Nashville is the mom of Coach Taylor. It is my all time favorite TV series–it will make you laugh, cry, stare at hot high school bods (it’s okay they are all 20+ year-old actors..) and make you super nostalgic for high school. I literally can’t say enough.

  2. I watch tv the same way..so much easier! You HAVE to watch Orange is the New Black..it is seriously hilarious. ALSO House of Cards…both are netflix series and so so good!

  3. Pretty little liars is one of my guilty pleasures! I cant wait for scandal and Nashville to come back. If you get showtime you should watch ray donovan. Its like the male version of scandal.

  4. I don’t get to watch much TV either…we love Modern Family though! And sometimes I watch Nashville and Revenge of course!!

  5. I am obsessed with Scandal. Olivia Pope and all of her outfits. Revenge is getting a little old in my opinion .. I was freaking obsessed at first but now I don’t know where they can go with the show. I really love Blue Bloods on Friday nights and Suits on Tuesdays!

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