My attitude is quite snarky today. You can thank excessive job stress. I was just sitting in my office chair procrastinating (aka scrolling instagram) and thought how annoying it is that I can’t wear Valentinos to work. Can we talk about #whitegirlproblems ? Remember that time when I had my very own pair of Rockstuds?


It was short lived as I returned them. I have basically cursed the day ever since I made that damn practical decision. It is true I can’t wear heels to work. It is true I live in a tiny town with no place fancy to go…ever. It is true they are still amazing and I wish I had kept them.  Now I get to look at all you bloggers with your $4000 worth of accessories just milling about, and make snarky comments because I am not one of you. Take that.

Speaking of White Girl Problems, who wants the book? I know I do.

Who’s ready for a royal baby announcement?!

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