You are getting veerrry sleeepy

I apologize for the unexpected break in blogging. My day job has been a crazy buffet, and with what little free time I have been left, I have chosen to spend it with the hubs and furry ones.  With a heavier than usual work load, when I get home I really just want to relax…but I can’t! I am not a good sleeper, so working a lot, stressing a lot, and not sleeping a lot doesn’t make me the most chill person. I HAVE to figure out ways to slow the mind. For you easy going, sleep like a rock folks out there, what are your secrets? I need some major help.  I literally cannot remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep and woke up refreshed and energized. I’ve tried everything short of prescriptions. Melatonin, Benedryl, Nyquil, wine, liquor, hot tea, bubble baths, reading, TV, no TV, yoga, exercise, eating healthy, no wheat, eating bad, lots of wheat. It is all the same. Sometimes I can’t get to sleep, sometimes I fall asleep easily and wake up a million times, sometimes I dream so much I wake up more exhausted than when I went to bed. Sounds terrible right? It is.

So I’m reaching out to see if I’m alone in this perpetual state of tired and awake. If you’ve been through something similar what have you done to overcome it?

If we weren’t renting, I would at least set the stage with a dark and moody bedroom. Perhaps something like this…

3 thoughts on “You are getting veerrry sleeepy

  1. I wouldn’t define myself as easy going (FAR from it) but I am a VERY good sleeper. I swear I could sleep for days – which is good and bad. The bad being, I almost never feel rested enough! It’s hard to remember the last time I woke up and thought “Ah, that was enough sleep.” I’d have to take a vacation to get to sleep in – then maybe! 🙂

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