Reading: Books & Blogs

My reading has been a little slack lately, but I have managed to find a few worth mentioning.

Books JuneEven when I was really not doing much blogging, reading or writing, there were a few I always checked in with. That’s when you know they’re good right? Some were friends that I just liked to keep up with, but a couple stick out from the crowd.

The Love List by Jess Graves is one of those blogs you read for the writing. Not just good diction and grammar, but it makes you feel something.  She posts about regular lifestyle blog stuff…clothes, wish lists, etc. which is all also pretty great.  But then she’ll throw in a post written like a book you can’t put down, such as the recent “Relationship PTSD”.  Unfortunately I don’t have the gift of putting feelings into coherent sentences, so you’ll just have to go check it out for yourself.

Another blog that I will read for as long as it is published is Jamie Meares’ I Suwannee.  It seems some bloggers have reached celebrity status, and Jamie is no different. The difference is consistently interesting content, simple as that. It seems Furbish really is worth all the hype, and that is a rare gem in today’s world of over-exposed, over-copied. And I think I’ve read somewhere that Jamie has an english major background or something of the like, and it shines through even when she is discussing donkeys and pom-poms.

There you have it. That’s what I’m reading these days…what about you? DO TELL!

4 thoughts on “Reading: Books & Blogs

  1. I recently got interested in the whole wheat issue — it’s terrible! It shouldn’t be legal to put that stuff in food.

  2. The Devil In The White City is my all time favorite book and I have no doubt it will be amazing as a movie as well!! It was assigned reading in a college history course and it was the only time I’ve ever heard a professor ask/demand the class STOP reading ahead.

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