Gotta Have It: Kimonos

The kimono is popping up here & there as a breezy, boho alternative to a jacket or blazer. Lightweight enough to wear all summer, and perfect for windy nights on the water.  I almost always need something to wrap up in once it gets dark, no matter the season. I am a wimp when it comes to temperature change. I love the layered look, and what a glam accessory to your poolside style? Here are a few of the many options floating the web…

KimonosTop | AsosRoxyAsos

Middle | Athena ProcopiouLovers + Friends

Bottom | Like MyndedTopShopAthena Procopiou

A great example of a kimono in action is Mary from Happily Grey wearing one of my favorite picks from Nordstrom. I love the pairing with casual cutoffs and a simple tank.  Another great budget friendly option is this Silence + Noise kimono via Urban Outfitters.

Now which one will I choose…? What about you? Do tell.

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