• I write a little mini-newsletter for work every Monday. It has become quite popular. I think I might like to do that on the blog as well, except it would not be about cattle, horses, etc. It would be about my week in blogging, online shopping, etc.
  • Happily Grey is so beautiful it makes me emotional.
  • Does anyone know any web/blog designers that work with WordPress??? I am struggling over here in this non-Google world. Amy, if you are reading…do you do this kind of thing??
  • I added a Follow by Email box to the right…move your mouse over there and follow!
  • I cannot figure out how to make my comments on your blogs not say “no-reply blogger comment”. I like to be able to reply instantly to a comment, so the fact that others cannot do this to my comments is stressful.


Just some notes on Wednesday. I’m still getting back into this blogging groove!

One thought on “Notes

  1. hi!! sorry slow to catch up on the blog reading due to being in ohio!!! i could def. give you some tips on wordpress. call me g-friend. ha!!!

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