Bars r us

Literally. Take stock of my bar top….empty. Every time we fill ‘er up…we suck it down. Lushes Live Here.


My husband and I frequently argue over the definition of a lush. I am right.


The whole situation. It isn’t bad right? The green goes well with my favorite pillows of all time, but I’m kind of over it. I had the green in the old house and now I want something new. I’ve been toying with painting it navy, and then painting the black knobs gold. Then switch out these pillows for something like…

bar board

More color and less color all at the same time.

Pillows, Society Social | Rug, Lulu & Georgia | Cheers Banner, Furbish | Turtle Shells, Karen Robertson Collection

I realize I need some window treatments but there are two things keeping me from messing with it; one, we are renting and two, we have plaster walls. Have you tried nailing/screwing/whatever-else-ing into a plaster wall? It is real annoying. When I first saw Jamie Meares’ instagram of this ‘Cheers’ banner I knew I wanted it to spruce up my bar window area. It is on my birthday wish list {coming soon}.

Any my turtle shells are coming from the Cashie River, not Karen Robertson. See I got this notion real bad that I wanted some turtle shells. I think they make amazing decor. My hubs made a couple calls and 30 minutes later, we have ourselves two large turtle shells. Them are real fine eatin for some folks round here, so turtle shells are not in short supply.  They are currently sitting outside “drying out” and decomposing. There was still bits and pieces of meat on the underside…

What do you think? Leave well enough alone or make some changes? Do tell.

7 thoughts on “Bars r us

  1. Are those horse shoe crabs above your chairs in your current set up? If so, they are everything. Great idea. Love the navy for the desk. Also, on the window treatments, you could make a valence – add a piece of wood and it will literally sit on the installation necessary. We have that setup going on in a few rooms in our house!

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